1. I remember

    Some people from back home. From both homes I had (Bacau and Calarasi).
    I remember them being loud and immature and full of careless wonder.
    I remember me trying to be one of them, trying to live my life as joyful as I could. And to some extent I succeeded. I may not be as fearless now but I can still walk the streets at 4am alone and get inspired and not be afraid.
    I guess you just have to enjoy the ride.

    Thank you to all those people that made me the slightly loud and almost saturated with careless wonder.

  4. When did you decide life is not a journey but a war?

  5. London

  6. We could be super friends

    #glitchr #selfie

  7. It’s late and we’re all tired.

  8. Its all about these kind of mornings.
    Birmingham at 6am, after a cold night and a bank holiday.

    www.razvanharabor.vsco co


  9. wish i had a way with words because sometimes I feel I have so many things to share and not being able to find the words to express myself is pretty frustrating


  10. "Flickering, I roam"
    — Massive Attack - Group Four
  11. London Underground